Challenger Sports launched their first franchise in the summer of 2013, and since then it has continued to grow with over 50 franchises currently operating across the globe.



Franchising with Challenger Sports provides an individual who has a passion for soccer coaching with the opportunity to launch their own soccer coaching business anywhere in the world. 



These territory maps show the South region of the UK and the territories it is split into. Each territory within the South, will have 50 -75 schools within it, and a more detailed version of Basingstoke (T2) is shown below. 


The darker red locations of the map portray the highly populated areas, this helps when setting up a business plan and thinking about where to locate your sessions. 



Here at Challenger, we are now looking to branch into new communities and cultures to provide excellent soccer training to children all over the world. We have the brands, the curriculums, the expertise, the equipment and the territories, all we need now, is YOU.


If you live internationally and would like more information on the opportunities we have to offer, whether that be in regards to franchising, tours, partnerships or any other queries please get in touch with via the information provided below, or alternatively click next step to view our current international operations and discover how you could be a part of our Challenger Sports Family.

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