In 2015, Challenger Sports launched GK Icon USA in order to allow coaches in the United States to join the Challenger Sports Franchise Family through delivering good quality, innovative training sessions for goalkeepers aged 8-18 within their community.


We have had a huge amount of success here in the UK with GK Icon franchises which is due to a number of factors; Richard Lee sharing his expert knowledge and experience as both a goalkeeper and coach with our franchisees, the curriculum being frequently adapted to meet the needs of children as they develop through the season, coaches who have a passion to change the lives of young children in the goalkeeper community and fantastic support from the Head Office team throughout their coaching careers.


In response to this success, we want to invite goalkeeper coaches in the United States to join our ever growing family of GK Icon franchisees, to enhance the technical, tactical and psychological skills of children, and transform them from amaetur players to experienced, educated and elite top goalkeepers.

When looking at top goalkeepers of the modern era they all share certain attributes that make a world-class goalkeeper. Solid technique on handling, distribution, agility, speed and the spring needed to move around the goalmouth.


The best goalkeepers also have the presence needed to fill those around them with confidence, knowing that they have a capable, calm and assured figure behind them, not to mention arguably the most important attribute a goalkeeper will possess - having the character to deal with the ups and downs the life of a goalkeeper is sure to experience.


We are extremely pleased to announce that GK Icon have been working very closely with Tony DiCicco and SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School on an advanced goalkeeper training curriculum.


Tony DiCicco who founded SoccerPlus and is also the former Head Coach of the US Women’s National and Olympic Soccer Teams, partnered up with Challenger Sports back in 2011 and shared his expert knowledge on soccer coaching techniques and practices. It has been fantastic to be partnered with SoccerPlus for the past 5 years, long may it continue.


“If you are a goalkeeper and would like to build a solid coaching business in your community, I highly recommend GK Icon! GK Icon will provide you with an innovative curriculum, training, support, website, on line registration and all of the business tools needed to run your own franchise. SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School and I are excited to partner with GK Icon and continue to improve the quality of goalkeeper coaching in the USA!” 

Tony DiCicco on GK Icon.


You can launch your very own GK Icon USA Franchise for just $199…

If you are based in the United States and interested in finding out more information on this business opportunity, apply below and the

Challenger Sports Head Office will be in touch shortly.



Using our brands to differentiate our coaching techniques, delivery styles and curriculums, we seek to develop some of the worlds most imaginative, confident and technically talented players, making Challenger Sports grow from being one of the best soccer companies in the United States, to one of the best in the world!


It’s your total soccer solution.

In the past year Challenger Sports have grown into many other countries via tours, summer camps and of course franchising. We are proud to announce that our TetraBrazil and GK Icon brands have now been introduced to communities within South Africa through two separate franchises.


We are always looking to branch into new communities and cultures and we are pleased to be working with two very experienced coaches who have opened up possibilities for children, parents and coaches in South Africa to join our

ever-growing family here at Challenger Sports.


We wish both franchisees every bit of success for the future and look forward to supporting them throughout their long term coaching careers.




Challenger Sports is proud to announce the new launch of TetraBrazil Arad City, Romania!!! 


Not only have we recently introduced TetraBrazil to South Africa, but we’re excited to announce the new launch of TetraBrazil Arad City in Romania!


It is fantastic to know that children in Arad City and surrounding areas are going to benefit from attending TetraBrazil training sessions with an experienced coach who is passionate about developing creative and confident players through a fusion of conventional soccer and futsal.


We are looking forward to working with Dinu on this exciting new venture and learning about the culture and communities in Romania. We wish him all the best and look forward to supporting him throughout his career as a Challenger Sports franchisee.


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