The Right People

Teaching The Right Things

The Right way

Approximately 1,200 British and 100 Brazilian coaches are selected by Challenger’s overseas 
staff, from over two thousand potential candidates each year. These coaches work out across
 America and Canada delivering to circa 150,000 children each year. 2013 sees the launch of 
Challenger’s franchising division where we’ll now be selecting the best coaches and business 
people to further grow our global network. To work for Challenger as either a coach or 
franchisee you must be a committed and talent coach, but more than that, have a love for 
working with children and understanding how to teach new skills, build confidence and
have fun all at the same time!

To build confidence in players, it’s not enough to just have a great curriculum with the best 
people teaching it. You have to teach the techniques and tactics in a way that motivates the players to want to practice and to want to improve. Challenger has created a unique teaching methodology that incorporates a progressive series of practices where increased levels of  pressure, added restrictions and game-like competition are introduced as players become comfortable with the skill being taught.

After 20 years of research in over 2,000 communities in the USA and Canada,

Challenger has  developed an innovative way of coaching players that revolves around fun, personal challenge, maximum participation and constant positive feedback. The Challenger Way not only addresses the technical, tactical, physical and psychological requirements of the game at each age level, but more importantly it focuses on the child as an individual!

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